Living FAQ

Living FAQ

New games naturally generate a number of queries and so we intend to build a series of FAQ responses available on this site. The first of these are shown below.

Q. What kind of bases does Swordpoint use? How many Figures are on them?

A. Infantry bases are 40mm x 40mm and carry either 3 or 4 figures. Infantry skirmishers are 2 to a 80mm x 40mm base. Cavalry are 2 to a 50mm x 50mm base, and the same number of cavalry skirmishers fit on a 100mm x 50mm base. If your figures are on 20mm x 20mm bases already, or 25mm x 50mm for cavalry, you can easily group them on movement trays or appropriate size skirmish bases with no need to rebase.

If your figures are on different size bases, then so long as they are all the same size you will still be able to play, though cavalry may become slightly more or less effective against infantry than the rules intend-this should not be too much of a problem though.

Q. Will the rules recommend smaller bases for 15/18mm and smaller figures, or will the base sizes remain the same as for 28mm, but with more figures per base?

A. Swordpoint has been designed for 28mm figures and as such, does not contain any recommendations for playing with 15mm/18mm figures. We have developed a version for 10mm/6mm figures which we may release later, and this seeks to maximise the benefits of those smaller figures. That said, I think filling the bases with figures and halving all distances would give a nice looking and satisfying game with 15/18mm figures.

Q. Will movement be simultaneous, IGO-UGO, or some variation in between?

A. In each Swordpoint turn both players shoot simultaneously, then both move with the initiative-holding player going first, then both fight simultaneously.

Q. Will there be rules covering Roman legionary line exchange?

A. There is a rule which seeks to replicate the effect of this without dealing with the minutiae. 

Q. Will there be rules covering horsemen supported by light infantry, such as Greek hammipoi or Early German 'hundreds'? 

A. There are rules which can be utilised in this way, available to armies where the usage was common enough to justify it.

Q. Do you have a question about Swordpoint that you would like the Development Team or The Play Testers to answer?

A. If so, please email it to Team Swordpoint

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