Age of Invasions - UPDATES for Aetius & Arthur Rules & Updated Battle Boards for New Edition of SAGA


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Age of Invasions - UPDATES for Aetius & Arthur Rules & Updated Battle Boards for New Edition of SAGA

Price: £5.00

This product contains one SRB07update SAGA Age of Invasions updates and battle boards.

PLEASE NOTE - These packs are only available with new purchases of SAGA Aetius & Arthur or direct from us. Sorry, but they will not be available through your local hobby stores.

The Aetius & Arthur: Age of Invasions supplement was the last to be released for the first edition of SAGA. It was written with one eye on the second edition, and is mostly comparible with it. Nevertheless, due to certain changes in the revised rules, some elements of the book require an update.

In the booklet, you will find all the necessary updates to make this supplement compatible with the new edition of SAGA. Included in this update pack are six Battle Boards, whose layout and ability descriptions have been updated to fit with the 2018 version of SAGA. You just have to swap out the old boards for these new ones to get full use from your supplement.

All copies of SAGA Aetius & Arthur sold via our website will now include this pack instead of the original Battle Boards and there is a free download of the amendments available HERE.

Studio Tomahawk have made a limited number of these sets available for customers who want a physical copy of the amendments and the new boards.

Available while stock lasts.

Brand: Studio Tomahawk

Code: SRB07update

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