Events & Tournament Support

Events and Event support

We will be holding and supporting two types of events. The first of these will be traditional competitive tournaments, the second will be campaign weekends where participants will take on the mantle of historical characters and attempt to win the campaign for their nation or faction by a variety of means and through teamwork. Expect some unusual scenarios at such events!

While we will be organising the first run of events of both types, we also intend to provide support for those clubs or individuals who wish to host an event, whether at a show or a club venue. Please contact Team SWORDPOINT if you would like to discuss this.


  • 2nd/3rd June 2018 at The 19th Mass Uprising in Paris (France not Texas!) - Two event (Classical & Dark Ages, Medieval) at this excellent French event - full details HERE!
  • 11th/12th August 2018 at Pompey Pillage, Horndean in Hampshire - Classical Armies 700BC to 299AD - for info please email Dave at
    Player Pack for Pompey Pillage now available here!
  • November 2018 at Warfare, Reading - Swordpoint Doubles Event! Take two armies (one Classical, one Dark Ages) and a chum and play in this entertaining format. Single players can be accomodated too. Details HERE!.

All future events will be announced as soon as they are arranged!

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