Gripping Beast August 2021 Wrap Up

Gripping Beast August 2021 Wrap Up

Hello! Ready for your August 2021 at Beast Towers run down?

Let’s see what we’ve been up to this month…

Our new Thracians took the high ground in our Hellenistic Mercenaries category for our Polemarch Successors range.

…We did some backpacking…

French and British.

The unit deal category continued its revamp with some more epic photography.

This month we had UD128 Late Crusade Mounted Knights/Sergeants Unit Deal (12),

UD126 Late Crusade Mounted Knights Unit Deal (12) 

and UD181 Military Order Cavalry Unit Deal (12).

The resin merchant docked and replenished our supplies of ships, buildings and Carthaginian elephants.

Restock-wise we also had back in stock our ever popular MDF fatigue tokens, and of course the SAGA: Age of Vikings supplement book!

Which are flying off the shelves already and more sacrifices to the gods may have to be made.

JUGULA! Got its own starter bundle.

Rich Demo Guy Keenan’s Saga Iron Man events made their return, read all about the fantastic day in Bristol they had here.

And then of course last but definitely not least we announced the new teaser video for the upcoming SAGA Age of Invasions supplement book.

If you haven’t seen it yet, catch it on YouTube. You might also want to check out this article from Northern Tempest with a quick run through of the book.

That’s it for our August recap. See you on the other side.