The Jomsvikings were a semi-mythical band of professional Viking warriors with religious overtones. Based in Wolin Island in the Baltic, they feature in many of the Sagas (The Jomsvikinga Saga being particularly relevant!) and although pagan, they would fight for anyone with enough gold.

The Jomsvikings had a strict entry policy and all applicants had to prove themselves in the ritualised duel of the Holmgang. Once initiated, the member found himself under military disciple and a strict code of honour.

Approximately 28mm metal figures (they do vary slightly, as do humans!) Supplied with appropriate weapons apart from spears. Bases not provided. Supplied unpainted and unassembled. Don't forget that, unlike the SAGA packs, these packs do NOT come with spears or bases. If you need these, you can find them in our Figure Accessories section:  Figures supplied will be those illustrated BUT any weapons provided may vary from those illustrated.

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