NNP1 The Prince Of Orange (1 figure)


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NNP1 The Prince Of Orange (1 figure)

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Please note this figure does not come with the horse included in the cost. For this figure you will need to also purchase either a Heavy Horse (no saddle) or a Light Horse (no saddle)
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NNP1 The Prince Of Orange (1 figure)

The Prince of Orange, Willem Frederik George Lodewijk, entered the British Army, and in 1811, as a 19-year-old aide-de-camp in the headquarters of Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington, was allowed to observe several of Wellington's campaigns of the Peninsular War. Though not yet 20, the young prince, according to the customs of the time, was made lieutenant colonel on 11 June 1811 and colonel on 21 October the same year.On 8 September 1812 he was made an aide-de-camp to the Prince Regent and on 14 December 1813 promoted to major-general. His courage and good nature made him very popular with the British, who nicknamed him "Slender Billy". He returned to the Netherlands in 1813 when his father became sovereign prince, and in May 1814 succeeded Sir Thomas Graham as the highest-ranking officer of the British forces stationed there.

On 8 July 1814, he was promoted to lieutenant-general in the British Army, and on 25 July to general. As such, he was senior officer of the Allied army in the Low Countries when Napoleon I of France escaped from Elba in 1815. He relinquished command on the arrival of the Duke of Wellington, and, though this was his first real battle, served as commander of the I Allied Corps, first at the Battle of Quatre Bras (16 June 1815) and then at the Battle of Waterloo (18 June 1815), where he was wounded in his left shoulder by a musket ball. He was aged 22. 

Military historian William Siborne blamed many casualties suffered by Coalition forces during the Waterloo Campaign to William's inexperience. In response, Siborne was accused by Lieutenant-General Willem Jan Knoop of misrepresenting William's actions at Waterloo. An inspection into the archives of Siborne by Dutch officer Francois de Bas in 1897 claimed to discover the "selective use of sources" and "numerous miscounts and untruths".

Horse needs to be ordered separately. Please note, S-type horses are NOT suitable for this figure as he has a cast-on saddle -  we recommend LT2A or LT2B!

This product is from our Front Rank Figurines historical wargaming miniatures range, made from high quality metal, in 28mm.

Item will be supplied to you unassembled and unpainted. 

Suitable for use with: Napoleonic Wars (Netherlands)

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