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OBJ02 Objective Markers - Pack Two (3)

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Product Description

This product contains three OBJ02 Objective Markers.

Crafted by the team at Studio Tomahawk, these Objective Markers are designed for use in all of your SAGA games. The rules for these markers can be found in the Book of Battles.

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  • Age of Vikings
    • Anglo-Danes
    • Anglo-Saxons
    • Carolingian Franks
    • Irish
    • Jomsvikings
    • Last Romans
    • Merovingian Franks
    • Normans & Bretons
    • Norse-Gaels
    • Pagan Rus
    • Princes of the Rus
    • Scots
    • Steppe Tribes
    • Vikings
    • Welsh
  • Age of Magic
    • Great Kingdoms
    • Undead Legions
  • Accessories
    • Cards, Markers & Objectives
  • Aetius & Arthur
    • Britons
    • Goths
    • Huns
    • Mercenaries
    • Picts
    • Romans
    • Salian Franks
    • Saxons
  • Age of Crusades
    • Crusaders
    • Eastern Princes
    • Milites Christi
    • Mongols
    • Moors
    • Mutatawwi'a
    • Ordensstaat
    • Saracens
    • Spanish

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