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Official UK SAGA GM

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Gripping Beast presents…….

THE OFFICIAL UK SAGA GRAND MELEE 2015 – Are you up for the challenge?

3rd/4th October at the Derby Worlds Show

Tickets are now available for this year’s UK SAGA GM. Here is a quick rundown of a few of the crucial points about the event – full details will be in the Players’ Pack that will be emailed to all entrants nearer the event:

It is a two day event; three games on day one and two on day two. The GM will use Scenarios and the Swiss Rounds system. This will all be explained in more detail in the Players’ Pack along with lots more details about the event. The Players’ Pack will be sent to all registered players closer to the event.
There will be a lavish pool for all the usual prizes (top 3 players, best painted/modelled Warband, last place etc) plus many spot prizes throughout the weekend. In addition, all contestants will receive the Limited Edition SAGA GM figure from Gripping Beast and UK SAGA GM Fatigue Counters by 4Ground.
You can enter the UK GM with any officially published faction i.e. anything in SAGA The Viking Age, Northern Fury, Ravens Shadow, Varjazi & Basileus or SAGA The Crescent & The Cross.) You can also use the Skraelings and the Steppe Tribes lists that were published in Wargames Illustrated. All Heroes of the Viking Age, Heroes of the Crusading Age, Swords for Hire and Dogs of War may be used as per their rules. You may not use the SAGA Revenants or the Arab lists from Wargames Illustrated.
Please note, while this is the Official UK SAGA GM, you are free to use figures from any manufacturer so long as they are What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) so no Space Wolves pretending to be Vikings, no Riders Of Rohan masquerading as Norman…….  Furthermore, all figures must be painted and appropriately based. They don’t have to be ‘mini-Mona Lisas’ but any unpainted or unbased figures will not be allowed. For consideration for the Best Painted/ Modelled Warband prize, you must have painted the figures you are using yourself.

Entry for to the Official UK SAGA GM is £20. Closing date (set by Derby Worlds organisers,) is 24th August.

Please note, unlike last year, the entry fee does not include food but there is food available on site.

If you can’t wait for the Players’ Pack or are just too excited and want to ask a question, please feel free to email us!


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