PUN04 Libyan Spearmen (Command)


  • Classical World
    • Carthaginians
  • Material
    • Metal
  • Unit Type
    • Infantry

PUN04 Libyan Spearmen (Command)

Price: £7.00

This product contains four PUN04 Libyan Spearmen (Command) miniatures.

The Libyan's were the largest mercenary force employed by Carthage during the Punic Wars. Despite their service to Carthage, the Libyan mercenaries would revolt against it during the Mercenary War of 240 BCE to 238 BCE due to a dispute over pay.

Provided unpainted and unassembled. This pack comes with two separate shields and one separate standard. Bases are not provided.

Sculpted by Colin Patten and Soapy. Painted by Mystic Spirals.

Brand: Gripping Beast

Code: PUN04