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SAGA Scenics Scenario

SAGA Scenics Scenario

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Gripping Beast & Wargames Illustrated - SAGA Scenario Competition

On September 21st we are releasing three new SAGA Scenics sets and to mark the occasion we are running, along with our Top Chums at Wargames Illustrated, a competition to create a scenario for SAGA.

The three new sets are:

  • SAGA Civilians – Peasants and Townsfolk (contains 4 shepherds, 5 women, 4 kids, 4 peasants & 4 traders)
  • SAGA Civilians – Ecclesiastical (contains 12 monks, a Bishop & his attendant plus 4 Defenders of the Faith (armed monks!))
  • SAGA Livestock (contains 4 cattle, 4 sheep, 2 lambs, 4 pigs, a riding pony and a pony with panniers)

SAGA is great system and lends itself to all sorts of scenario shenanigans without the need to fiddle with the core mechanisms and rules. When designing your scenario, don’t make it over complicated but do think outside of the box. The best scenarios are the fun ones which, as soon as you have finished, you want to swop sides and play again straight away!

Design a scenario for SAGA using the following guidelines & restrictions:

  • The scenario should be based about the contents of at least one of the forthcoming new SAGA Scenics boxes; SAGA Civilians – Peasants & Townsfolk, SAGA Civilians – Ecclesiastical or SAGA Livestock.
  • The scenario should be a two player scenario.
  • The scenario should be playable with as wide a range of the officially published Warbands as possible. If there are restrictions, they should be as minimal as possible and please give the rationale behind the restriction.
  • Any scenario rules or restrictions should be made clear and explained to the player so they can understand and get the most out of the game.
  • You may specify Warbands of between 4 point and 8 points.
  • The scenario will be played on a table 48” x 36”.
  • The scenario must have a high repeat play value.
  • Feel free to include flavour text although this is not necessary.

The winner will have their scenario published in Wargames Illustrated and receive one each of the new SAGA Scenic boxes; SAGA Civilians – Peasants & Townsfolk, SAGA Civilians – Ecclesiastical or SAGA Livestock.

The competition starts NOW and closes when Lord S goes home on Monday 5th October.

The winner will be chosen by Lord S and his decision is final. After due deliberation, he will announce the winner on Monday 19th October.

Please email your entries to

After the competition, the winning scenario becomes the property of Gripping Beast Ltd (GB) but the author (or authors!) will be credited whenever it is published. GB may make changes to the scenario to suit future publications but the author will still be credited.  By entering the competition, you demonstrate your agreement with this

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