SFH07 Angry Monks (12)

Price: £22.50

Contains twelve SFH07 Angry Monks.

12 extremely annoyed monks (three each of four different figures) plus plastic bases  for incorporating monk-based madness into your games of SAGA.

Like Lindisfarne, abbeys and monasteries were easy preys for the Vikings during the Dark Ages. Isolated, poorly defended but offering many riches, they learnt to live with the frightening prospect of longships appearing, vomiting their crew of savage Norsemen. With their settlements burnt and pillage, most monks would flee in the wilderness, seeking shelter in a lord's estate or the security of a nearby fortified settlement. But some of them could not forgive, and would take arms and seek vengeance. which took the shape of a holy crusade against the Men of the North. Such bands of desperate monks could join a Warlord's warband, as long as they felt his cause was just to inspire him and fight the enemies of God and wash his sins in their blood.

Supplied unassembled and unpainted.

Brand: GB SAGA

Code: SFH07