SHVA15 Ulf The Quarrelsome - Irish Special Character


  • Age of Vikings
    • Irish
  • Material
    • Metal
  • Role (SAGA)
    • Legendary Hero
  • Unit Type
    • Character

SHVA15 Ulf The Quarrelsome - Irish Special Character

Price: £4.50

SHVA15 Ulf The Quarrelsome, The Avenging Brother.

Ulf the Quarrelsome cut open his belly, and led him round and round the trunk of a tree, and so wound all his entrails out of him, and he did not die before they were all drawn out of him. From Njal's Saga, Ulf kills Brodir in revenge for the death of Brian Boru.

Strictly speaking, Ulf is a Legend of the Viking Age. As such he is may not be a Warlord. Infact he can only be taken in an Irish Warband lead by Brian Boru.  Ulf's full rules are in SAGA Age of Vikings. There is of course, no reason why you should not use this model to represent your own Irish Warlord!

Comes with plastic base from Renedra.

Sculpted by Angel Terol. Examples painted by Darren Linington.

Supplied unpainted and unassembled. Ulf is in quite a few parts so modelling skill is required.


Brand: GB SAGA

Code: SHVA15