SWORDPOINT Classical Armies Errata & Living FAQ


Inevitably some errors remain in the published work however hard we try. Sorry.

Page 21: Early Republican Rome: The Rorarii entry should say "If used, there should be one Rorarii unit for every two triarii units in the army".

Page 28: Seleucid: Note that Scythed Chariots are Used to Elephants.

Page 41: Maccabean Revolt and Hasmonean Kingdom of Judea: the terminal date for this list is 37 BC.

Page 44: Late Republican Rome: A Legate costs 15 points.

Page 45: British Tribes: Light Cavalry may exchange their spears for javelins (free)

Page 46: Early Imperial Rome: A Centurion is A+2, C+1 and costs 15 points. It is a Legate, rather than a Centurion, which can only command legionary units.

Living FAQ


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