SWORDPOINT Medieval Armies Errata and Living FAQ


Inevitably some errors remain in the published work however hard we try. Sorry!

Artillery Rules: A cannon can hit anything which is straight in front of any part of its base frontage. Guns do not count towards the Army Break Point total, but cause a loss of 1 ABP when destroyed, captured or abandoned.

Rocket Artillery Rules: Rockets deploy at the same time as other artillery. They may fire at any visible target out to their maximum possible range; there is no minimum range Normal target priorities apply. They move/pivot as if light artillery and respond to charges as artillery. A rocket base counts as formed open order, until at least half the crew (round up) are lost (so unformed when 1 of 3 are lost and so on). When targetting an enemy assume shooting in a narrow line from the centre of the base front. The blast area is a single circle the width of which is determined by the number of crew. Units forced to take cohesion tests by rockets must do so each time the cause is present.

Page 7 Stakes: Troops defending stakes who force attackers to fall back in combat have the option to follow up or remain behind their stakes. If they follow up the stakes are lost.

Page 27, Swiss: The knights have full metal barding included in their profile, Delete the last sentence "They may have full metal barding (+4)."

Page 42: War of the Roses. Mounted Men At Arms do NOT carry a shield. Their points are correct.

Retinue Billmen and Archers form Mixed Order units, not Combined Formations. Militia Archers and BIllmen, and Welsh Archers and Billmen, can also do this.

Stakes cost +2 points for all troops, and not +1 for RetinueArchers as stated.

Page 43: Ordonnance Burgundian. Mounted Retainers with Partial Plate are D4. Ordonnance Foot may have Pavises at +4 points per base.

Page 47: Moghul Conquest and Empire: Zarbzans may be up to 160mm apart rather than 6 ". Armies after 1526 (i.e. Empire armies) may field one elephant per 250 points of the army. Use the Elephant entry from the Muslim Indian List.






Living FAQ

New games naturally generate a number of queries and so we intend to build a series of FAQ responses available on this site. The first of these are shown below.




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