SZ08 Byzantine Klibanophoroi (4) Legendary Unit


  • Age of Vikings
    • Last Romans
  • Material
    • Metal
  • Role (SAGA)
    • Hearthguard
    • Legendary Unit
  • Unit Type
    • Cavalry

SZ08 Byzantine Klibanophoroi (4) Legendary Unit

Price: £15.00

Conatins four Byzantine Klibanophoroi (Hearthguards - Legendary Unit)

The Empire's Steel Fist

Come with appropriate separate weapons, Flat Teardrop shields and a plastic base for each figure. See Associated Products section below for transfer suggestions.

Supplied unassembled and unpainted. Horses may vary form those illustrated.

28mm metal figures. Sculpted by Soapy. Examples painted by Jon Nothard.

Brand: GB SAGA

Code: SZ08