SZ11 Harald Hardradda's Varangian Guard (4)


  • Age of Vikings
    • Last Romans
    • Vikings
  • Material
    • Metal
  • Role (SAGA)
    • Hearthguard
    • Legendary Unit
  • Unit Type
    • Infantry

SZ11 Harald Hardradda's Varangian Guard (4)

Price: £8.00

Contains four Harald Hardradda's Varangian Guard (Hearthguard)

Rather fancy Varangain Guardsmen to accompany Harald, Captain of the Varangian Guard, into battle. 
You can also field them as regular (if rather show-offy) Varangians in your Byzantine Warband or as Jomsvikings.

Come with separate hands holding hand-weapon, separate Dark Age Large Round shield and plastic bases. See Associated Products section below for transfers.

Supplied unassembled and unpainted.

28mm metal figures. Sculpted by Robi Baker & Soaps. Examples painted by Darren Linington.


Brand: GB SAGA

Code: SZ11/SV08