TURK21 Turkish Battalion Deal


  • First World War
    • Ottoman Empire
  • Material
    • Metal
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  • Unit Type
    • Infantry

TURK21 Turkish Battalion Deal

Price: £165.50

Ottoman Turk Battalion Deal
Battalion Command (5 figs)

First Company consisting of:
Company Command (5 figs) and 4 x Platoons (12 figs each)

Second Company (as First Company)

1 x HMG (3 crew)
1 x Trench Catapult

Krupp 75mm with 6 crew

Full price £204.25 - comes with a mix of fixed & seperate heads with fezs and Enver Pashas.

Sculpted by Soapy. Bases not included.

Brand: TWDC

Code: TURK21