The Moors

"Moor” is a Western European term for the Muslims in Spain and North Africa, again applied as a catch-all by people largely ignorant of the societies involved. As the Muslim conquest expanded, it was the newly converted and zealous troops of the frontier zones that carried the faith further away from its origin point in the Arabian peninsula, and so it was the Berber tribes of the West who raided and then invaded Spain. They were then reinforced by Arab troops, and it was a mixture of these two who expanded and then defended Al-Andalus or Andalucia, “the land of the Vandals”. This became a cultured land, initially part of the Ummayyad Caliphate and then its sole surviving constituency under its own Caliph. Later central authority waned, and it became a land of squabbling princelings, until the Almoravid Berbers swept in from Africa to take control. They were later supplanted by another Berber sect, the Almohads. Al-Andalus would survive in an ever-reduced state until 1492, when the Christian Reconquest was completed


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Moorish Cavalry

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