UD128 Late Crusade Mounted Knights/Sergeants Unit Deal (12)

Price: £33.00

PLEASE NOTE: These unit deals are made up from appropriate figures across our ranges. The actual content that you receive will vary depending upon available stock.  Any images shown or packs described on unit deal pages are examples and exact composition will vary.

This product consists of 138 points (Swordpoint) of Late Crusade Mounted Knights/Sergeants. (Majority open faced headgear)

You will receive 12 figures including command.

Example packs this unit deal may contain are: LCC01, LCC05, LCC06*

Example image shows a variety of knights and sergeants (knights can be found here).

  • Mounts (if a cavalry unit), shields, and weapons (excluding spears) will be provided.
  • Bases sold separately and can be found here.
  • Spears sold separately and can be found here (wire), and here (lead).
  • Banners and transfers sold separately and can be found here.

These are 28mm metal figures and will arrive unpainted and unassembled.

Brand: Gripping Beast

Code: UD128