Our Extensive Historical Range of 28mm Plastic Miniatures


Here at Gripping Beast's Lair, we manufacture an extensive range of 28mm Plastic Miniatures, for wargaming, modelling and collecting. Covering a variety of historical periods, our superb miniature sets and gaming accessories are designed to allow collectors a huge choice in assembing and converting their unique models.

With over 15 years exoerience in delivering high quality, crafted wargames figures and accessories to our dedicated customers, we put you in the warlord's shoes – contruct your 28mm Plastic Miniatures with many choices on positioning, pose and historic equipment.

We bring to you the most comprehensive 28mm Plastic Miniatures and Wargaming Figures for an immersive wargaming experience. From Saga, Jugula, Gripping Beast Plastics and MOFO Modern Forces, our exciting miniature sets and accessories are fit for use, either as a hobby or within competitive tournaments and campaign days all over the world. Take a look at some of our exciting products for further details, below.

For further information or support in choosing the right 28mm Plastic Miniatures set for you, please call our friendly team on: 01386 761511, or email us here.