About Us

Gripping Beast are manufacturers and retailers of wargames figures and accessories. Founded in 1996, the company currently based at Beast Towers in Evesham, far from the traditional “lead belt” of miniature companies in and around the Nottingham area.

At Gripping Beast we cover a wide range of historical periods, ranging from the Wars of the Diadochi, to the Crusades and even the Gallipoli Campaign of the First World War. As we only produce miniature ranges that interest us, we are able to ensure that we get high quality, historically accurate and complete ranges that we are proud to sell and that our customers can buy into with confidence.

As one of our major loves is the Viking Age (just look at the range of figures & accessories we do for the period!) we are especially proud to be working with our good friends at Studio Tomahawk as the producer of the official SAGA miniatures range.

We are keen supporters of the hobby side of things, as well as supporting tournaments and campaign days around the world, including SAGA Melee events. If you are interested in attending, keep an eye on our Facebook page, as places go fast!

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