GBP31 Dark Age Irish


  • Age of Vikings
    • Irish
  • Material
    • Plastic

GBP31 Dark Age Irish

Price: £18.00

Box of 25 Dark Age Irish warriors

Contains 5 sprues  of plastic Dark Age Irish warrior parts. Each sprue has 5 different bodies, 7 different heads, 5 large round shields, 5 bucklers, 3 different Irish cloaks, 4 spear arms, plus all the arms you need including one holding a short-sword, one with a hand-axe, a set of arms to use with the included Dane-axe plus a couple of extra axes and a short-sword in scabbard. These make up 25 figures in a wide variety of poses.

As always, most of these parts are compatible with our other plastic sets allowing you to mix and match almost endlessly!

Supplied unpainted and unassembled. Some modelling skill required. Use plastic cement to glue the parts together, not super glue.

Please note, box does not include bases.

Sculpted by Bob Naismith.

Painted examples by Pirate Rich


Brand: Gripping Beast

Code: GBP31