The Woodwoses! Out Now!

Introducing the Woodwoses, the Wild Men of the Woods.

In the shadowy depths of the ancient forest, The Woodwoses have long stood as its fierce protectors. Emerging from myth and legend, these enigmatic beings embody the very spirit of the wild, their origins whispered in tales of old. Echoing folklore of times past, The Woodwoses are reclusive warriors, deeply connected to the natural world, shrouded in mystery and magic.

They move silently among the trees, unseen by all but the most perceptive. Their knowledge of the woodland is unparalleled, as they lie in wait, hidden from view before launching their sudden and deadly attacks. Clad in armour crafted from the gifts of the woods and wielding weapons such as javelins, bows and arrows, blow darts, spears and clubs, The Woodwoses are a formidable force. 

In the world of SAGA: Age of Magic, The Woodwoses join "The Lords of the Wild" faction.

These figures are based on both the wild men of the woods, the woodwoses (also spelled wodewoses, woses, woodehouse, wudwas), mythical figures that appeared in the art and literature of medieval Europe, and the Puckle Men (also known as Púca or Pooka), mythical creatures from Celtic folklore.

These figures are from the Ragnarok Miniatures range of fantasy figures by Colin Patten.

All weapons and plastic bases are included in the purchase. 

All figures arrive unpainted and unassembled.

These wargaming miniatures are made in metal and are size 28mm..

Suitable for use with SAGA: Age of Magic. Example painted by Colin Patten.

The Woodwoses | Gripping Beast

The Woodwoses. Gripping Beast / Front Rank produce high quality 28mm Metal and Plastic Miniatures for painting and playing, from different eras which include Vikings, Saxons, Saga and from the first crusade.