IBE05 Balearic Slingers (4)


  • Classical World
    • Mercenaries
    • Carthaginians
    • Iberians
    • Republican Romans
  • Material
    • Metal
  • Unit Type
    • Infantry

IBE05 Balearic Slingers (4)

Price: £7.00

This product contains four IBE05 Balearic Slingers miniatures.

Little history is recorded of the people that inhabited the Balearic Islands during the Punic Wars, however many legends exist; such as the Balearics being the descendents of shipwrecked Boeotians or a former colony of Rhodes. Whatever the case the people of the islands became well-known for their skill with a sling, and would serve as mercenaries under both the Carthaginians and Romans. 

Sculpted by Soapy.

Provided unpainted and unassembled. This pack always comes with four slings and a Round Buckler /w Boss.

Bases are not provided.


Brand: Gripping Beast

Code: IBE05