Moorish Cavalry

Moorish nobles were excellent horsemen, and although well armoured, they fought in the skirmishing style, avoiding contact and pelting their opponents with javelins until they were worn down and disordered rather than charging home. Their dress can be extremely colourful.

The Light Cavalry were the archetypal cavalry of Moorish Spain. All Moorish cavalry fought in the same style, so these men operate in the same way as the nobles, they are just less effective due either to training or inclination. They might have been local men, or Berbers, or even Christians although most of ours are more typically Berber in dress.


All figures are approximately 28mm (they do vary, as do humans!) and made of metal .

Figures supplied are unpainted and unassembled.

Don't forget that, unlike the SAGA packs, these packs do NOT come with spears or bases. If you need these, you can find them in our Figure Accessories section:

Figures supplied will be those illustrated BUT the weapons provided may vary from those illustrated.

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