SAGA Age of Crusades Rulebooks & Dice

Designed by talented chap and top chum of the Beast, Alex Buchel of Studio Tomahawk, SAGA Age of Crusades is a Universe (supplement) for SAGA, the immersive game of skirmish level conflict between two or more Warlords (you!).and their bands of trusty retainers, and sets the action in the time of the Crusades.  Each book comes with 12 sturdy card "Battle Boards," one each for the 12 factions covered in the rule-book (Crusaders, Saracens, Military Orders, Mutatawwi'a, The Spanish, The Moors, Teutonic Knights, Russian Princedoms, Baltic Pagans, Mongols, Later Byzantines and The Poles.) The Battle Boards are at the heart of the rules and mastery of them is key to success in these easy to learn, a life-time to master rules.

The Age of Crusades also contains Auxiliaries (mercenary units)

Please note SAGA Age of Crusades is NOT a stand-alone game - you will need SRB20 SAGA Rulebook as it contains all the basic rules for SAGA.

Please note, SAGA Universes are 'self-contained' and internally balanced so while you can play against factions from the SAGA Age of Vikings or SAGA Aetius & Arthur, you may find some match ups one sided!




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