SHP04 Pictish/Scots/Irish Boat


  • Dark Ages
    • Scots & Scots-Irish
    • Irish
  • Material
    • Metal
    • Resin
  • Unit Type
    • Transport
  • War Machines & Transports
    • Transports

SHP04 Pictish/Scots/Irish Boat

Price: £25.00

Contains one SHP04 Pictish/Scots/Irish Boat kit.

Kit contains a resin boat & resin mast with metal bits (8 rowers, steersman, 8 oars, rudder). It's a relatively easy kit.

Completed, it is roughly 4cm x 9.5cm x 20cm 

Supplied unassembled and unpainted. Sail not included.

Sculpted by Steve Trickett. Example painted by Steve Trickett.

Brand: GB Resin

Code: SHP04