SRB21 SAGA Age of Vikings (Supplement)


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SRB21 SAGA Age of Vikings (Supplement)

Price: £32.00

This product contains one SRB21 SAGA Age of Vikings supplement with twelve Battle Boards.
The Battle Boards are now updated to reflect the latest FAQ BUT the text in the book has not been updated yet. The next print-run (no date yet) will make these changes.

PLEASE NOTE - You will need a copy of SRB20 SAGA Rulebook to use this supplement.

793... The peaceful monastery at Lindisfarne is attacked and pillaged by men who rise out of the mists, cleaving the waves in powerful ships.

This attack marks the beginning of the story of the Vikings, also known as the Northmen, Sea Wolves and the Scourge of the Faithful. For the next three centuries, every coast and every city will live in fear of these warriors and their unequalled savagery. 

Soon, the Norsemen will no longer be satisfied with looting, theft and pillaging. The armies of the powerful Scandinavian kingdoms will come together in fleets to descend upon Europe, conquering countries, ransoming kings and emperors, and founding colonies.

Age of Vikings is a SAGA supplement covering Europe from the emergence of the Norse kingdoms to the Battle of Hastings which marked the end of the era.

This Universe offers you twelve factions covering all four corners of Europe during this period, each with its own Battle Board, history, legendary units and special rules.

This book also contains rules for mercenary units which can be recruited by your warbands, and an appendix on relics and artefacts from this heroic age.

Relive the exploits of Heroes like Harald Hardrada, William the Conqueror or Charlemagne! The greatest sagas were written by the Viking poets - can you surpass them?

A copy of SRB20 SAGA Rulebook is necessary to use this supplement.

Hardback, 72 pages, full colour, comes with 12 separate card Battle Boards (which may not be sold separately).

Contains list & Battle Boards for:

Vikings - Norse Gaels - Jomsvikings - Pagan Rus - Normans - Carolingians - Scots - Irish - Anglo Danes - Anglo Saxons - Last Romans - Welsh


Brand: Studio Tomahawk

Code: SRB21