By My Command! A Viking Command Base For Swordpoint

Here is the second of an occasional series of blog posts called "By My Command". Each post will be showing off a command stand from a GB Staffers collection.
This week it is Lord S's Viking Jarl from his Viking Swordpoint army.

Yet again, worth pointing out that Lord S had no hand in the painting or construction of this base!
That was the work of a pair of D's - Darryl Hindley and Darren Beast.

The figures used are VIK24 Viking Victory (painted by Darryl) and two from VIK01 Hird Command (painted by Darren Beast).

The base is a 60mm base from Renedra, as befits a Swordpoint General. Darren built the base up using Kneedite modelling puty over more slate 'borrowed' from Lord S's gardens.
Builders Sand was used for texture. Static grass from Army Painter and 4Ground.

The banner is of course LBMS loveliness from Viking Banners Two.

We hope you like it!