Hello Everyone!

The Front Rank website is now open! (But please read on....)

Good News! At last!  Gripping Beast has finally completed the purchase of Front Rank!

We would like to thank Alec & Angela for their stupendous patience and we wish them a long and happy retirement.

Front Rank has now moved to Beast Towers, lock, stock and barrel. It will, however, take us a few days to get sorted and for production to begin again. In the meanwhile, you can now place your orders on the website in the normal way.

Once we have things organised, we will begin to work through the orders (this will take some days!) We will process the orders strictly in the order in which they were received.

Thank you all for your patience and some level of sanity will be restored as soon as possible


In case you aren't familiar with Front Rank, they make STUPENDOUS figures covering the Hundred Years War, The War of the Roses, Late 17th Century, Jacobite, Seven Years War, French Indian Wars, American War of Independence, Spanish Succession, NAPOLEONIC and a range of 40mm AWI too!

The figures are amazing sculpts, full of character yet historically accurate. They are a similar size and heft to Gripping Beast figures (obviously not the 40mm ones!!)
For example, take a look at these 28mm French Line Voltigeurs painted by the excellent Kevin Dallimore. Nice!


Pop over to the website and take a look!



13th January 2022