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GBP27 SWORDPOINT Genghis Khan (Supplement)

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Swordpoint Genghis Khan is a campaign supplement for the Swordpoint Ancient & Medieval Rules set. It provides you with all the information you need to refight the campaigns of the legendary Mongol rules, Genghis Khan!

The book contains three new and six tailored or revised Army Lists plus nine new scenarios.

Mongol 1206AD to 1227AD

Xi XIa 1038AD to 1227AD

Jin Dynasty 1115AD to 1234AD

Kara-Khitai 1132AD to 1218AD

Khwarezmian Emoire 1218AD to 1223AD

Kipchak 1200AD to 1280AD

Georgia 1089AD to 1221AD

Rus 1132 to 1243AD

Volgar Bulgar 965AD to 1241AD 

Unless specified in the appropriate Players Pack, these armies are tournament legal!

Written by Wayne Richards with additional material by John Bianchi and Martin Gibbins.

Cover art by Peter Denis. 28 pages, full colour, softish back.

Brand: Gripping Beast

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