Milites Mundi Early German Starter

Price: £100.00

This Early German Starter army contains figures for:

A High Chieftain base, three Chieftain bases, four Minor Chief bases, four Noble Cavalry bases, TWELVE Warbands bases, and six Skirmisher bases.
It also contains 1 x 30mm round base, 7 x 20mm round bases, and 22 x 80x40mm bases.

Also included is an army list showing unit stats and points values. You can also download it here

Don't forget to select your discounted Milites Mundi rules, Army List book and tokens if you want them from the drop-down menues!

Supplied unpainted and unassembled. Figures may vary from those illustarted.

10mm (ish) metal miniatures. Sculpted by Robi Baker. Examples painted by Brush Demon.

Brand: GB 10mm