Pirate Rich's Pigments And Plunder

Introducing Gripping Beast's resident pirate, Pirate Rich!

"Ahoy, shipmates! Welcome aboard and get ready to sail through the realms of artistry and plunder.."

What's in store?

Live Video Paint-a-Longs: 

Where the past comes to life on the tip of a paintbrush. 

Every Friday, join Pirate Rich over on Youtube, live, with brushes in hand and tales of the high seas at the ready.

Painting Tips & Tricks:

Prepare to be entertained and enlightened..

You'll not only witness the magic of miniature painting unfold before your eyes but also receive valuable painting technique advice and indulge in hobby-related chatter.

Buried Treasures:

Hidden treasures... obscured by the sands of time and overlooked by many a keen eye... but these treasures are not gold doubloons nor sparkling jewels, but rather expertly crafted wargaming figures forged by the skilled hands of the artisans at Gripping Beast!

Pirate Rich scours the vast expanse of Gripping Beast's website in search of hidden gems! From rare finds to overlooked wonders, he will showcase these coveted wargaming figures in his live streams, giving you an exclusive glimpse into the riches that await.

Whether you're a seasoned artist or a landlubber looking to dip your toes into the colourful waters of miniature painting, there's a spot for you on deck.

So, set your compass for Pirate Rich Paint's Youtube Channel, like, subscribe, and tune in every Friday at 7pm GMT.

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Below are some photos from finished figures featured in past streams, which are all available to watch still on the Youtube Channel by going to this page. Or click the images to be taken straight to the video.