Soldiers Of Napoleon New Supplement

Wars of the First Empire - A Soldiers of Napoleon Supplement

Refight the battles of the early Napoleonic Wars as France and her allies march in conquest of their First Empire, with Soldiers of Napoleon’s exciting card-driven action sequence, creating tabletop wargames with dramatic tension, difficult tactical command decisions and a strong narrative that will make the battles feel like the Napoleonic period.

Included are: fourteen army lists over four campaign theatres, for the wars of the Third, Fourth and Fifth Coalitions against France, 1805-09, and the invasion of Russia in 1812.

•  The War of the Third Coalition, includes four army lists for the principal combatants: France’s Grande Armee against the alliance of Austria and Russia, plus the small British Expeditionary Force to southern Italy.

•  The War of the Fourth Coalition, includes three army lists for the combatants of the campaign: France’s Grande Armee against the Prussians and Russians.
•  The War of the Fifth Coalition, includes five army lists for the combatants of the various campaigns in Bavaria, Austria, Poland and the Netherlands: France’s Grande Armee, the Bavarian army and the Duchy of Warsaw against the Austrians and the British Expeditionary Force to the Netherlands.

•  The Invasion of Russia, includes two large army lists for the combatants of the campaign: France’s mighty Grande Armee de la Russie against the Russians, including new unit profiles.

 • March On!, is a narrative campaign system for use with any Soldiers of Napoleon theatre, as players command their own division through a series of linked battles and refight their war, until one side is forced to sue for peace. Featuring unit experience and attrition rules, campaign random events, great battles and siege assaults.

• A Siege Assault scenario and new units for the Army’s Central Reserve, rules for the siege train’s heavy guns and mortars.


You will need a copy of Soldiers of Napoleon Rulebook and Card Set to fully appreciate and use this supplement.