Antigonos Monopthalmos (one-eyed) was one of Alexander's older generals; after the initial stages of the invasion of the Persian Empire he was given control of Phrygia with responsibility for protecting the crucial lines of communication with Macedon. In doing this he defeated the Persian forces in three separate battles.

Upon Alexander's death, the generals met to divide up responsibility for administration of the Empire under the auspices of the declared Regent, Perdiccas. This settlement soon failed, as Perdiccas died while trying to enforce it and his ally Eumenes was defeated. From then on it was war between the Successors, initially over who would rule the Empire and later over its division. Antigonos fought until his death in 301 to control Asia Minor, being involved in the major battles of the war and falling, aged 80, at the head of his phalanx at Ipsus. His son Demetrios went on to briefly secure Macedon itself.

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