BNP8 General Lowry Cole (1 figure)


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BNP8 General Lowry Cole (1 figure)

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Please note this figure does not come with the horse included in the cost. For this figure you will need to also purchase a Saddled Horse (S1 Codes)

BNP8 General Lowry Cole (1 figure)

Cole was commissioned a cornet in 12th Dragoon Guards in 1787. He transferred to 5th Dragoon Guards as a lieutenant in 1791 and to 70th Foot as a captain in 1792, and served in the West Indies, Ireland, and Egypt. He was appointed lieutenant-colonel in Ward’s late regiment of foot in 1794 and lieutenant-colonel in the late General Villette's corps in 1799, on Full Pay although these units had been disbanded. He was promoted to colonel in the Army in 1801 and served as brigadier general in Sicily and commanded the 1st Brigade at the Battle of Maida on 4 July 1806. In 1808 he was promoted to major-general. In 1809 he was appointed to the staff of the army serving in Spain and Portugal and granted the local rank of lieutenant-general in 1811. This rank was confirmed in the Army in 1813. He commanded the 4th Division in the Peninsular War under Wellington, and was wounded at the Battle of Albuera in which he played a decisive part. He was also wounded, much more seriously, at Salamanca. He was promoted to full general in 1830

(Horses Need To Be Ordered Separately)

Please order type S1 Horse for this item! We recommend S1/LT1A or S1/LT2A.

28mm metal figure. 

This product is from our Front Rank Figurines historical wargaming miniatures range, made from high quality metal, in 28mm.

Item will be supplied to you unassembled and unpainted. 

Suitable for use with: Napoleonic Wars (British)

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