British & Welsh Kingdoms

*PLEASE NOTE: This does not include anything with a 'SAGA' code.

"On Mynyddawg's orders shields were splintered,
Sword-blades fell on white faces,
Battle they loved, generous in warfare;
they bore no shame, men stood firm."
- Aneirin, Y Gododdin.

The British & Welsh Kingdoms were situated on the fringes of the old Roman Britannia, were the hold of Rome was weakest and the old British & Welsh ways survived the longest. Many kingdoms were small and could barely muster a warband let alone an army. Inter kingdom raids were common as were raids into Romano-British and Saxon territory but if a strong leader could be found the kingdoms would work together to resist Saxon expansion.


Approximately 28mm metal figures (they do vary slightly, as do humans!)

Supplied with appropriate weapons apart from spears.

Bases not provided.

Supplied unpainted and unassembled.

Don't forget that, unlike the SAGA packs, these packs do NOT come with spears or bases. If you need these, you can find them in our Figure Accessories section:

Figures supplied will be those illustrated BUT the weapons provided may vary from those illustrated.


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