Build Your Own SAGA Warband

Use the drop-down menues to select which FREE Warlord you would like and then select each point of troops to build your own Warband!

Includes appropriate bases & weapons for your selected troops (including spears). Minimum Warband size is 4 points.

For a 4 point Warband, please make sure you select 'None' as the 5th and 6th point options. Obviously, for a 5 point Warband, select your fifth point of troops and then make sure the selection for the 6th is 'None'.

Makes sense really!

Gripping Beast is the home of the Official SAGA figure range. Figures are nominally 28mm although they can vary in size - as do humans!

NB - Apart from Warlords and other individual figures, figures in packs may vary from those illustrated.



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