GBP17 SWORDPOINT Chariot Army Lists (Supplement)


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GBP17 SWORDPOINT Chariot Army Lists (Supplement)

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SWORDPOINT Chariot Period Armies!

SWORDPOINT Chariot Armies provides you with all the information you need to field armies from the period 3000 BC to 700 BC in your games of SWORDPOINT.
The book contains 35 army lists with many variants.

You require a copy of SWORDPOINT Rulebook to use this book.

Contains the following lists:

Sumerian and Akkadian
Old and Middle Kingdom Egyptian
Minoan & Early Mycenaean
Harappan Indian
Arab Nomad
Early Assyrian
Early Babylonian
Shang Chinese
Early Eastern Tribes
Old Hittite Kingdom
European Bronze Age
Syrian and Canaanite
Aryan Indian
New Kingdom Egyptian
Hittite Empire
Middle Assyrian
Sea Peoples
Trojan War
Dark Age Greece
Zhou Chinese
Libyan Egyptian
Cimmerian and Scythian
Kushite Egyptian
Later Babylonian
Saite Egyptian

Brand: Gripping Beast

Code: GBP17

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