HV11A Saddled Horse Standing - (Hand Held) (1 horse)


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    • 18th Century
    • Late 17th Century
    • Napoleonics

HV11A Saddled Horse Standing - (Hand Held) (1 horse)

Price: £2.50

HV11A Saddled Horse Standing - (Hand Held By Either: SSC35, LSC27, BSC13, or BSC14) (1 horse)

This product is from our Front Rank Figurines historical wargaming miniatures range, made from high quality metal, in 28mm.

Item will be supplied to you unassembled and unpainted. 

Suitable for use with: 18th Century, War Of The Spanish Succession

Notes about our Front Rank Range:

Please note that wire spears/pikes are not supplied and must be ordered separately, this overwrites all descriptions in the product images. You can find the wire spears here.

Brand: Front Rank Figurines

Code: HV11A