HVA06 Njal (1)

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Njáll Þorgeirsson, lawyer and a sage, is one of the main characters in Njáls Saga or "The Story of Burnt Njáll", along with Gunnar Hámundarson, a formidable warrior. In the course of a feud, Gunnar is exiled and must leave Iceland but as he rides away from his home he is struck by the beauty of the land and resolves to stay; this quickly leads to his death. Some years later, Njál is burned alive in his home as a part of a cycle of killing and vengeance. Nice.

Cast-on axe.

Base not included. Any weapons supplied may vary from those illustrated.

28mm metal figure. Sculpted by Duncan Patten. Example painted by Gripping Beast.

Brand: Gripping Beast

Code: HVA06