JUGS18 JUGULA Gladiator - Crupellarius (1)

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JUGULA Gladiator - Crupellarius.

The existence of the Crupellarius is not historically proven, although Tacitus mantions the armatura in his work. It seems to have appeared in Gaul, and it might be possible that he style was confined to this particular province. He appears to have been entirely covered, head to toe, in metal armour, topped off by a gigantic helmet that now looks medieval. Armed with a long sword, the spatha, the Crupellarius must have been a terrifying sight although it is said that once on the ground, his suit was so heavy that he couldn't stand up again.

35mm Multi-part metal gladiator & plastic base.

Sculpted by Robi Baker.

Painted by Darren Linington.

Brand: Gripping Beast

Code: JUGS18