New Edition SAGA Starter - Plastic Anglo-Saxons/Anglo-Danes DEAL!


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New Edition SAGA Starter - Plastic Anglo-Saxons/Anglo-Danes DEAL!

Price: £74.00

Excellent value and ideal for someone new to SAGA.


1 x SRB20 SAGA Rulebook & 1 x SRB21 Age of Vikings - all the rules you need plus all the Battle Boards for the Anglo-Saxons/Anglo-Danes and their foes!

1 x PLASTIC SAGA Starter Anglo-Saxons/Anglo-Danes Warband - 4 point Warband includes bases.
(1 Warlord, 8 Thegns/Huscarls (Hearthguard), & 16 Ceorls (Warriors) plus a plastic Renedra 25mm diameter base for each figure and 1x 40mm diameter base for your Warlord. 
This box also contains 4 bonus unarmoured figures so you can make one of your Anglo-Saxon Warrior units into a Levy unit, plus three extra armoured figures and a host of extra options to customise your Warband.)

1 x Set of Green (Anglo-Saxon/Anglo-Dane) SAGA Dice (8 rune dice for use with the Anglo-Saxon/Anglo-Dane Battle Board)

Plus as a gift from Lord S, these bundles come with:

FREE set of SAGA Cardboard Measuring Sticks & Tokens worth £6.50

FREE set of SX02 Saxon Thegns (Hearthguard) worth £7.00

Brand: Gripping Beast

Code: Bundle02new

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