SAGA Starter Bundles

These Starter Bundles are a great gateway into the immersive world of SAGA!

SAGA is a skirmish game set in heroic ages whether they be historical, mythological or fantastical. It brings to life battles between exceptional warriors - Warlords who defy their enemies on the battlefield at the head of their loyal Warband.

The game puts you at the head of such a warband - 30 or so figures, lead by your heroic alter-ego, the Warlord. Each Warband uses a Battle Board and SAGA Dice to grant them various abilities in battle and reinforce their identiity.

The Core ruleset (SAGA Rulebook SRB20) provides all the simple and innovative basic rules which apply to every setting. Easy to learn with numerous illustrative examples, when combined with the Battle Boards (available in the settings books such as SRB21 Age of Vikings) they offer a great depth of gameplay. The ruleset, the appropriate setting book and SAGA Dice are included in the deal plus some FREE useful gaming aids and an extra points worth of reenforcements for your Warband.

SAGA was written and published by our chums at Studio Tomahawk and Gripping Beast is the exclusive distributer of the English language versions of all the books. Gripping Beast is also the manufacturer of the Official SAGA Miniatures ranges.

Gripping Beast is the home of the Official SAGA figure range. Figures are nominally 28mm although they can vary in size - as do humans!

NB - Apart from Warlords and other individual figures, figures in packs may vary from those illustrated.

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