RAGCOL31 Shieldwall Huscarls Standing (rear rank) (8 Figures)

Price: £16.00

These figures are from the Ragnarok Miniatures range “Sons of Odin, Vikings”.

All weapons and bases are included in the purchase.

All figures arrive unpainted and unassembled.

These wargaming miniatures are made in metal and are size 28mm..

Suitable for use with SAGA: Age of Magic. Example painted by Colin Patten.

Please note this is a Ragnarok Miniature’s Collection pack. What this means is that you will receive one of each of the exact poses available. As opposed to the SAGA packs where figures are chosen randomly from a larger pool. These RAGCOL packs are cast to order and may take slightly longer to arrive.

Brand: Ragnarok Miniatures

Code: RAGCOL31