SFH05 Steppe Nomads (8)

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SFH05 Steppe Nomads (8).

8 mounted Huns from a selection supplied with appropriate separate weapons and plastic bases.

Eastern Europe and the endless Steppes of the Central Asia were the homeland of a large number of Steppe nomads tribes such as the Avars, the Magyars or the Pechenegs. The Steppe Nomads may be included in any Pagan Rus, Rus Princes or Byzantine Warband (that are not led by the Basileus or Harald Hardrada) for one point. The Steppe Nomads are made of 8 mounted models that count as Levies. They are worth 1/2 victory points per model, like Warriors.

More rules for using Steppe Nomads may be found in SAGA: Varjazi & Basileus.

Brand: Gripping Beast

Code: SFH05

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