SWORDPOINT Dark Age Armies Errata & Living FAQ



Inevitably some errors remain in the published work however hard we try. Sorry!

Page 5: Wagon Tabors: The wagons form a single unit. Therefore:

1) All wagons shoot at the same target if they can. Any wagon which cannot hit this target is allowed to shoot at another, within the usual shooting rules.

2) The individual wagons do not form a battle line with each other.

3) Wagons do not count as nervous since they do not have flanks or rear.

4) The crew of each wagon is a single base of the relevant infantry type.So if open order, three unsaved hits in combat removes the crew of a wagon. Excess hits do not carry over to wagons which are not in combat, though they do count for purposes of combat resolution.

5) The Tabor takes a cohesion test as a single unit.

Page 6: Mayan Slingers are D6 and cost 11 points.

Page 7: Dark Age Britain and Ireland: Infantry may be fielded in Close Order at a base cost of 20 points (Elite Infantry) and 14 points (warriors).

Page 8: Gothic & Vandal Kingdoms: Every other unit of Ostrogoth Comitatus and Elite Cavalry may take barding (+1). Warrior Cavalry are D5. Warrior Infantry may only be Riding Horses if in Combined Formation with Elites.

Page 9: Huns: As Allies the army may have up to 66% of its points total, comprising Alans and/or Frank or Goth infantry,

Page 11: Late Imperial Roman: Auxilia and Archers may be fielded as Skirmishers at a points reduction of 33%.

Legates may be fielded as A+2 C +2 for 20 points. 0-1 Foederati Commander may be fielded, A+3 C+2 for 25 points.

Page 11: Hindu Indian: elephant crews and mahouts are D3 if a Commander is riding the elephant.

Page 12: Early Byzantine: Every second cavalry unit may dismount.

Page 15: Avars: Noble cavalry may have half barding at -3 points (as they lose the Nomad Cavalry rule)

Page 18: Hindu Indians: A rocket launcher costs 30 points with 2 crew.

Page 21: Thematic Byzantine: The army may include up to 25% Allies.

Page 23: Viking Bondi Archers in Open Order cost 9 points.

Page 25: Arab Caliphates: Abbasiya may not be used by Fatimid armies. Militia Skirmishers are C5 and cost 5 points. Dismounted Ghulams may have spear (free) and heavy armour (+2).

Page 27 : Carolingian: The General is C9 and costs 0 points.

Page 27: Japanese: Delete the paragraph at the start of Army Composition referring to a +1 Combat Resolution bonus for Lords.

Page 28: Later Saxon Kingdoms Skirmishers cost 4 points.

Page 28: Japanese: Infantry, Retainers: In late armies, units may exchange spear for pike, becoming close order, at a cost of +5 points, not +2.

Page 30: Khmer Empire: Spearmen cost 11 points not 17.

Page 30: Later Irish: Irish cavalry have the Evade rule and cost 18 points.They may be fielded as Skirmishers at a cost of 16 points. Every second Irish cavalry unit may be upgraded to Nobles (+2); they are Superior Fighters and may have Light Armour (+1).

Page 31: Burmese: Archers may not form more than 50% of the army's foot bases in total. Type 1 elephant crews, including mahouts, are D5.

Page 34: Seljuk Turk: Elephant barding costs 1 point, not 4. The mahout is D5 and the crew are D4.

Page 35: Song China: THe Horse Archers should be C7.

Page 35: Ghaznavid: Daylami cost 17 points per base.

Page 38: Capetian France: Dismounted Knights are D4. Dismounted sergeants with crossbows, formed on their own, are Open Order and cost 14 points per base. Any Foot Mercenaries may be designated as Open Order, at a base cost of 11 points.

Page 40: North African Berbers: Camels are D6.

Living FAQ

New games naturally generate a number of queries and so we intend to build a series of FAQ responses available on this site. The first of these are shown below.

Q. Page 27: Carolingian General C+2, 9 points or C9, 0 points?

A. The Carolingian General should be C9, 0 points.

Q. Hundreds Year War:

Medieval EnglishMen at arms (16 points), superior, full-plate, riding horses (+1 points), double handed weapon (+2 points), veteran (+2 points) - total 21 points.

Medieval FrenchDismounted knights (29 points), superior, full-plate, riding horses (+2 points), double handed weapon (+2 points), veteran - total 33 points.

Why do troops with exactly the same abilities cost different points, also why does the change from shield and partial plate armour to full plate cost 0 points for the English and 2 points for the French?

A. The English men at arms have a base cost of 26 points, there is an error in the list. Likewise, the full plate upgrade for the French should be free.

Q. Page 19: 4.5 Aligning the combatants. In the example picture, attached commanders would not fight, because the centre of the units are not in contact. It is a trick to avoid the commander of the charged unit? Do the chargers not have to bring as many bases as possible into the melee?

A. See just above 4.5 - the centre of the charging unit must reach the target for the charge to succeed.


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