SWORDPOINT Errata & Living FAQ

This is the Errata for Swordpoint V2, the current version of the rules. The Errata for the original version of the rules can be found at the bottom of this page! 

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Page 12, Section 1.1, Determine which of your units can shoot: Add at end of section "Units may not shoot into, within or out of woods, with an exception for skirmishers (see page 35 Shooting form Woods)"

Page 15, Section 1.3, Declaring Disengagement: in first sentence, delete "..but may move to the rear or change formation".

Page 22, Section 1.5 Hitting the Enemy: the first sentence should read "Throw two D6 for each formed infantry base fighting with a named melee weapon or javelins, and one D6 for each other infantry, cavalry or skirmisher base fighting."

Page 42, Spara: If a unit with Spara moves, it loses the protection of the Shieldwall rule during combat in the current turn, and during shooting in the following turn.

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