SWORDPOINT To the Ends of the Earth Errata & Living FAQ

Despite our best efforts, a few mistakes do creep in sometimes! Here is what we have found so far:

Page 4 Special Rules, Fearsome: Once this test has been passed, it is not taken again.

Page 4 Special Rules, Wedge: Change the last sentence of the first paragraph with "A unit must consist of at least 4 bases for the Wedge rule to apply."

Delete second paragraph and diagrams. New second paragraph: “Represent this formation by placing one figure rather than two on the front bases of the unit. At the start of the game a unit in Wedge should consist of at least 5 bases. When its strength drops to three bases, it will no longer benefit from the Wedge rule but is of course still a formed unit until it loses a further base.”

Amend third paragraph to say “A unit in Wedge does not deduct 25% from its move when moving other than straight ahead. It counts as Shock Cavalry when fighting against other cavalry." 

New fourth paragraph: "Wherever a list restricts a cavalry unit in Wedge to a maximum of 4 bases, this maximum is increased to 6 bases. If units in Wedge are used in a tournament where the Wedge rule is not in play, reduce the cost of each base by 2 points."

 Page 15, The Persian Army: Kinsman Cavalry all may have barding-there is only one unit! It is Iranian and Armenian Cavalry which are restricted to only half of units taking the half barding upgrade.

Page 28, Antigonos Army: The Elephant Mahout is D6.

Page 29, Eumenes' Army: Macedonian Companions have the Wedge rule and have a base cost of 25 points. The Elephant Mahout is D6 and the crew are D4.

Page 32, Coalition Army: The Elephant Mahout is D6.

Page 35, The Later Macedonian Army: All Phalangites may upgrade to Light Armour at a cost of +2 points per base.

Page 37, The Greek Army: Hoplites should cost 20 Points per base.

Page 41, Ptolemaic Army: The Elephant is D3. The Crew have Light Armour and are D4. The Mahout is D6.

Page 42, Kushite Army: The Elephant crew have Light Armour. The Mahout is D6.

Page 46, The Seleucid Army of Antiochos III in 209 BC: Agema are C9 and cost 27 points per base. Light Cavalry may have spears, not throwing spears. The Elephant Mahout is D6.

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