Soldiers of Napoleon Rulebook and Action Cards set


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Soldiers of Napoleon Rulebook and Action Cards set

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Soldiers of Napoleon Rulebook and Action Card

"WELCOME TO Soldiers of Napoleon, a set of card-driven, tabletop miniature wargames rules for the battles of the Napoleonic Wars, 1805 to 1815, ten years of almost constant conflict across Europe and a huge subject for one book. This is a set of rules for battles, not skirmishes. It pits battalions, regiments and brigades against each other, but even at this roughly ‘divisional’ scale, it can only recreate part of the many, many, far larger battles of the period. It was an era of European history that saw many of the largest battles ever fought on the continent, which helps explains the period’s lasting appeal to wargamers (always useful to have a huge war to refight) as well as providing an historical backdrop to wargames unlike most others for sheer visual spectacle, with all those men, horses, guns and colourful and decorated uniforms."

You will receive 1 rulebook as well as 1 set of action cards.

Our chums at Wargames Illustrated have a video about the game with designer Warwick here


Brand: Artorus Games

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